When hosting a paint party, it's important to have all the necessary supplies readily available to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience for participants. Here's a list of essential supplies you'll need:

shallow focus photography of paintbrush
Photo by Daian Gan on Pexels.com


Provide each participant with a canvas for them to paint on. Consider choosing standard sizes like 8x10, 11x14 (my preferred size), or 16x20 inches, which are versatile and widely available. Hobby Lobby and Michaels have good deals on these packs. You may also decide to trace a template ahead of time on each canvas. You may also decide to use coasters, porch leaners, or other non-traditional canvases.

Acrylic Paints:

Offer a variety of acrylic paints in different colors. It's advisable to have a basic set of primary colors (red, blue, yellow), along with white and black. You can also include popular secondary colors for added variety. If you don't want to mix colors, feel free to buy all kinds of colors like these from FolkArt or DecoArt. And don't forget fun glitter paints to add finishing touches too!


Have a selection of different brush sizes and shapes to accommodate various painting techniques and preferences. Include a mix of flat, round, and detail brushes.


Use disposable palettes or reusable ones for mixing and holding paint. Paper plates are perfectly fine and easy to dispose of as well.

Water Cups:

Provide water cups for participants to rinse their brushes. Disposable cups or reusable containers can work well, ensuring there's enough water for everyone.

Paper Towels: Have plenty of paper towels available for participants to clean their brushes, wipe excess paint, or dry their hands.

Aprons or Smocks (Optional):

Protect participants' clothing by providing disposable or reusable aprons or smocks. This prevents any accidental paint spills or stains.

Easels or Tabletop Stands (Optional):

Depending on the space and setup, provide easels or tabletop stands to support participants' canvases during the painting process. This helps maintain a comfortable painting position.

Pencils and Erasers (Optional):

Supply participants with pencils and erasers for sketching or outlining their designs on the canvas before painting.

Palette Knives (Optional):

Palette knives can be used for mixing colors, applying texture, or creating specific effects. Include a few palette knives for participants who want to experiment with different techniques.

Table Cloths or Plastic Sheets:

Cover the working area with table cloths or plastic sheets to protect surfaces from paint spills or splatters. This makes cleanup easier afterward.

Reference Materials or Templates:

Depending on the chosen painting design, have reference materials or templates available for participants to refer to or trace if needed. Join The Artistry of Paint Parties Membership if you want all the cool new paintings, templates and marketing materials for your parties!


Ensure the painting area is well-lit to provide adequate visibility for participants. Natural light or additional lamps can be used to create a bright and comfortable environment.

Optional Decorations:

Consider adding optional decorations like table centerpieces, themed props, or music to enhance the ambiance and create a festive atmosphere. This is especially nice if you are hosting a birthday party or other themed event.

Remember, the quantity of supplies needed will depend on the number of participants. It's always a good idea to have extra materials on hand to accommodate any unexpected needs or last-minute additions.